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Revolutionize your flight operations with our streamlined pilot-matching service, designed to connect you with the industry’s most capable aviators.

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Unlock the full potential of your aviation business by searching our handpicked roster of exceptional contract pilots.

For Operators

Our interactive platform helps bridge the gap between aviation operators and the top recruited contract pilots.

For Pilots

Connect with operators and streamline trips, allowing pilots to focus on their passion for flying and reach a larger market.

For Operators

Our interactive platform helps bridge the gap between aviation operators and the top recruited contract pilots.

For Pilots

Connect with operators and streamline trips, allowing pilots to focus on their passion for flying and reach a larger market.

Find Pilots

Say goodbye to endless searches and hello to a world of qualified contract pilots at your fingertips.

Elevate your operations by tapping into our vast network of skilled contract pilots, ready to take your flights to new heights. Reach over 1,500 pilots in a single job posting.

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Discover the future of flight partnerships. Our platform connects aviation operators with top-notch contract pilots for unparalleled journeys.

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Create an account and you’ll instantly be able to post job listings, review candidates and fill upcoming trips. You are only charged once you have approved a pilot and the trip has been filled.

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Our small platform fee helps us provide round-the-clock dispatch support, marketing to a wide range of contract pilots for optimal options, and ensuring a thorough vetting and auditing of these pilots for your peace of mind.

Mobile view of Crewlink's platform, showcasing a list of applicants for a trip

Why operators turn to Crewlink

Operators most trusted one-stop solution for seamless pilot pairing, expert vetting, and round-the-clock support to ensure smooth and efficient flight operations.

All-in-One Crew Management Solution

Effortlessly manage your crew selection process with the ability to review job applicants’ profiles, access detailed pilot documents and history upon booking, communicate with booked pilots via live chat, and share crucial trip documents for a seamless experience.

Trustworthy Pilot Hiring Made Easy

All pilot documents are carefully vetted and approved, and we carry workers compensation insurance for all of our network members. Whether you need to hire a single pilot for one trip or an entire team for multiple trips, we’re here to help ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Streamline your pilot selection with our comprehensive tools and features

Discover a new era in aviation recruitment with Crewlink, your one-stop platform for hiring contract pilots. Our suite of tools and features empowers you to find the perfect fit for your team with ease and confidence. Say goodbye to tedious searches and hello to a smoother, hassle-free hiring process—experience the future of pilot recruitment with Crewlink.

Comprehensive Pilot Database

Discover the perfect pilot for your needs by exploring our extensive network of skilled professionals.

Robust Vetting Process

Our rigorous vetting process ensures that only the most qualified and reliable pilots are part of our network.

Customizable Search Filters

Tailor your search and find the ideal pilot using our advanced search filters, designed to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Detailed Pilot Profiles

Make informed decisions by accessing comprehensive pilot profiles, providing you with complete transparency to ensure the perfect match for your needs.

In-Platform Messaging

Experience seamless communication by connecting directly with pilots through our user-friendly messaging system, designed to make your interactions smooth and efficient.

Secure Payment System

Hassle-free and streamlined payment process designed to protect your information and simplify your experience.

Find Jobs

Find great aviation
jobs on your time

Meet operators you’re excited to work with and take your career or business to new heights. Experience the freedom of contract piloting – Find your job now!

Quick Payouts

Enjoy quick payouts, ensuring timely compensation.

No Illegal Charters

Avoid illegal charters, ensuring safe and compliant flying.

No Invoicing

No need to hassle with invoices in order to be compensated.

Empowering Pilots through Advanced Solutions

Crewlink enhances the contract pilot experience through a feature-rich platform that streamlines operations and empowers pilots. Offering seamless scheduling, customizable daily rates, and simple expense management, pilots can stay informed and reach a larger market. With our commitment to safety and security, pilots can focus on their passion for flying, confident that Crewlink has their back every step of the way.

Customizable Daily Rates for Every Trip

You’re in control. Ability to set your own daily rates, tailored to the unique requirements of each individual trip, ensuring flexibility and satisfaction in your aviation career.

Ensuring Safety & Compliance

To maintain the highest safety standards, all operators are required to complete a compliance statement, verifying adherence to Part 91 regulations, sufficient insurance, and aircraft airworthiness before each trip.

Effortless Expense Management

Experience seamless expense tracking and submission through our user-friendly portal, eliminating the need for invoices and costly subscriptions like Quickbooks.

Comprehensive Workers' Compensation Coverage

Experience worry-free flying with our workers’ compensation insurance, as it offers essential protection for all pilots in our network. Focus on your passion while we handle insurance complexities.

Reach over 1,500+ pilots in a single job posting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform connects aviation operators with a vast network of experienced contract pilots. Operators can search for pilots based on specific criteria, such as ratings, experience, and location, ensuring they find the right match for their needs. Additionally, our platform provides detailed pilot profiles and approved documents, making it easy for operators to review and select qualified pilots.

What measures are in place to ensure the pilots on the platform are reliable and qualified?

We take the quality of our pilot network very seriously. All pilots on our platform undergo a thorough vetting process, where their documents, certifications, and experience are carefully reviewed and approved. Furthermore, all pilots are covered by workers compensation insurance, providing additional peace of mind to aviation operators.

Can I communicate with pilots directly on the platform after hiring them?

Absolutely! Our platform includes a live chat feature, allowing aviation operators to communicate directly with pilots. This provides an opportunity to ask questions, discuss the details of the trip, upload documents to ensure a seamless successful trip.

How does the platform handle payment and contracts for hired pilots?

Our platform streamlines the entire process by providing a secure payment system through our credit card payment processing partner Stripe. When reviewing pilots you’ll be able to view their daily rates and select the pilot(s) that fits your budget, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process.

Can I use the platform to hire pilots for multiple trips or long-term contracts?

Yes, our platform is designed to accommodate a wide range of hiring needs. Whether you need a single pilot for one trip or multiple pilots for various trips our platform provides the flexibility and resources to help you find the perfect match for your aviation operation. If you need a pilot for long term placement please contact dispatch@flycrewlink.com.

Crewlink is completely free to create an account and post as many new job listings as you like. When you find a crew member that you wish to book for your trip you must use a credit card to secure the booking. Upon trip completion a final bill will be issued & any additional charges will be made to the same credit card on final. A platform fee of 18.5% will be added to all charges.

What happens if my trip cancels and I no longer need the booked crew member?

Trips cancelled more than 72hrs in advance are fully refundable. Trips that are cancelled within this window are subject to our tiered cancellation policy which can be found within our terms & conditions.

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